What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is definitely NOT simply “school at home” ‒  it’s much more than that.  At ACPEQ we believe homeschooling is a calling where each family weaves life moments into an educational experience through their worldview.  From practicing fractions while baking cookies to learning history through an immersive family holiday, homeschooling provides children an unparalleled opportunity to learn in creative ways that cater to their specific passions and needs.  While the basic skills of math, reading and writing are taught, homeschooling brings families together.  Operating on a schedule that works well with Mom and Dad’s livelihood, parents can be more involved in the nuturing of their child’s character and development of life skills.  Relationships are strengthened and problems are worked out together.  In short, homeschooling is a way of life.

~ Ivan Cyr, ACPEQ President


We represent more than 330 member families.


ACPEQ’s Annual Conference is a gathering of homeschoolers province-wide. Be refreshed, encouraged, supported, and advised. Discover new insights on competently delivering home education as presented by known experts and experienced homeschooling parents. Explore the displays of curriculum and other learning materials in the Vendor Hall.

This annual meeting of parent educators is the largest homeschooling event in Québec. It is the place for prospective homeschoolers and anyone who is interested in greater learning and stronger families.


As an ACPEQ member, you will…

● Create a stronger voice​ for all those seeking to maintain homeschooling freedoms​ in Québec
● Ensure that your values​ as an ACPEQ member are represented​ at the provincial government level
● Participate in the support and development of homeschooling in Québec
● Join a dynamic​ homeschooling network through local support groups (subject to local organizer availability)
● Have access to the Members Only​ section of our website
● Have access to our Members Only Facebook group​ where you can glean from the experiences of seasoned parent-educators
● Have access for your high-school graduates to participate in our annual High-School Graduation Ceremony​
● Be able to download workshops ​and conferences​ at no extra cost
● Be able to consult the listing of educational resources
● Benefit from expert​ advice due to our affiliations
● Be eligible for a $35+ discount​ on your annual HSLDA fees
● And more…!

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