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Completion Report

Dear ACPEQ members and friends, Reminder You must demonstrate to the Minister that your learning project is being implemented and that your child is progressing according to his or her abilities and learning project. Submission of the Completion Report As stipulated by the Homeschooling Regulation in section 16, you must provide the Minister with a […]

Homeschool in the media

Here are some excerpts from the interventions of home schooling associations in the media: Reportage à Radio-Canada 8 h 00 | Radiojournal du 8 mai 2019   (2:30 à 4:22) BULLETIN D’INFORMATIONS DU MERCREDI 8 MAI 2019  (9:16 à 11:43) Le retour de Mario Dumont – Front commun sur le projet de loi sur l’enseignement […]

PRESS RELEASE – ACPEQ calls for dialogue

ACPEQ Calls for Dialogue For a Just Appreciation of the Knowledge and Skills Acquired by Our Children Montréal, April 4, 2019 – Lately, Quebec’s new Government announced they would amend the homeschooling regulation. Our Education Minister wants to close down illegal schools and fill the gaps he perceives within homeschooling. First, it’s important to underline […]

We must continue our advocacy efforts

Dear members and friends, Stepping up our advocacy efforts We are very encouraged by all your actions taken in response to the new proposed amendments to the regulation. We have received several positive and enlightening accounts of the steps taken with your MNAs. Some people even arranged meetings with their local media. Fantastic! We feel […]

ACPEQ members are active

Dear members and friends, ACPEQ members are active in several ways. We would like to thank you for your involvement. We reiterate the importance of contacting your MNA. As an elected official, he-she is the person who represents you and who must listen to your opinions. First, contact your MNA right away and try to […]

Raise your voice in support of homeschooling

Dear members and friends, ACPEQ’s Board of Directors had an emergency meeting to plan our short and medium-term strategy.  It will, of course, focus on preparing a report to be submitted to the MÉES within the 45-day deadline. We are also evaluating whether a response to the media would be beneficial. Any questions related to […]