Maintaining an active presence

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Dear members and friends,

Maintaining an active presence

According to experts in citizen action, it is imperative to remain present in the action. From May 27 to June 4, the Commission de l’éducation et de la Culture will be holding special consultations and public hearings on Bill 5, An Act to amend the Education Act and other provisions regarding preschool education services for students 4 years of age Although this is not a subject of direct interest to us, we invite you to attend one or more of the 11 sessions found in the following model link:

We will be able to interact with elected officials such as Minister Roberge and the three education critics during the breaks and, if possible, ask questions about the lack of real consultation with the associations.

This is not a protest. It is a joint effort to make our presence felt politically, in a respectful and calm manner, and thus demonstrate that we remain present and active in defending educational freedom. It is suggested that we dress in purple if possible. We hope to have a minimum of 5 to 10 people per session.

Looking forward to meeting again,

Patrice Boileau, Eng., MBA

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